Altene Tape

  • publish date : 2019/05/19
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Altene Tape
One of the methods of corrosion control of metal is to submerge metal surfaces, which are very expensive, and after that, they cover metal or some other metals. But the best method for controlling the corrosion of metals is to use a primer to blast off surfaces. The primer surfaces are rotated through the surface and transmitted through the microscopic openings of the metal, and the mummies of the metal are completely done. they give.

Rothengaran Parse Sale of 2-inch, 3-inch, 4-inch, and … Alten. 10 inches offers the most reasonable price for industrial and commercial projects.
After the pipe has been fitted and the pipeline has been fitted, a pipework must be connected to each side of the connection, as well as to the side of the cable strip. This will usually be done before the tube is inserted into the channel. However, the test of the leak detection device will ensure that the leak detector can be checked to ensure that the pipe and joints are secure.
All joints and weld areas are also drawn to the bottom.

Surface insulating tape for use in oil and gas pipelines
Surface insulating tape for use in seamless pipe lines
Surface insulating tape for use in water and sewage pipes
Surface insulated tape for use in thermal insulation lines
Possibility of welding
Long storage capacity without settling and dipping
Tolerance of stretching, bending, pressure and impact
Unparalleled penetration and adhesion
Ease of implementation
With a coating covering twice the coating
They will never become crumbs.

If defective points occur, repair the damaged parts should be done as follows: First, the damaged part of the damaged part should be about half a centimeter across the normal parts around the drainage wall, and then using the drainage and drainage pipes to insulate the joints and the conductors. Use of the two above-mentioned strips, as well as the perimeter drainage strip, as well as the method of insulation,