Concrete pipe

  • publish date : 2019/05/19
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Concrete pipes of 400 to 2400 mm in size are manufactured using vibrating press technology, which includes a two-line, two-line, three-way multifunctional multifunction unit, and a jaeger unit with a production line, each capable of producing various quantities.
According to the standard, the characteristics of armed concrete pipes are used to collect rainwater and sewage water 8906 as well as ASTM-C76.
Based on the amount of rebar used in the pipe wall, which depending on the diameter and type of pipe can be installed in one to two layers inside the concrete pipe wall, seamless armed reinforced concrete pipes are classified into five classes, each profile based on the cross section of the rebar Used per meter of pipe lengths
The Pipe Jacking is a method for installing concrete pipes for surface water and municipal sewage networks in different countries. Piping is used to install underground pipelines without the benefit of a day-to-day installation and traffic flow from the ground. This first approach to the 1920s was used to lift concrete pipes. This method is a A very economical way for short pipelines (in the vicinity of 150 meters of the station’s stations), and for the main pipelines to be transported through the urban facilities, the main roads and the main roads are the more economical ones than the trench drill rigs. Due to the increase in urban population. Today Vmtmrkzbvdn Sakhtmanhavtasysat Vtrafyk motor caused by the spread Shhrhaayn economic approach as an appropriate solution to replace traditional methods of been.
Rothengaran Parse is a supplier of reinforced concrete pipes of between 400 and 2400 mm in diameter.

Advantages of Concrete Pipes:

Low cost, resistance to corrosion and internal pressure, high durability