corrugated pipe

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corrugated pipe
Rothengaran Parse is the largest producer of cartier pipes, producing and supplying drainage fluids for sewage (industrial and urban) sewage.
As it is known from the name of the double-walled tube, the tubes are two-layered, and both layers are made of polyethylene materials, and their polyethylene materials must be completely homogeneous with polyethylene materials and this coordination is in precise detail. The cariogate tube layers are produced in two extruded extruders, and finally, in the cartridge section, the pipe line is welded together and homogeneous polyethylene materials must be provided for reliable and solid melting points. For example, it can not be used for The outer layer of the material of the polyurethane material of the Maron factory and for the inner layer of the white foam
The material of the polyethylene-cartite tube in the inner layer should also be white and colored with a masterbatch, due to the standard requirement for the production of carbide pipes, the inner layer should be bright in color, so that the cameras have the necessary performance in the video gauges and inside The tube is clear and visible.
The carotype pipes are made in black with a yellow or blue interior.

Double-acting polyethylene pipes:

Double-acting polyethylene tubes of Rothenberg Parse based on a pressurized load of up to 1.5 barrels of compressive strength due to soil leakage or traffic loads. The maximum external pressure is calculated based on the depth of these pipes as well as the presence or absence of traffic loads. The external pressure applied must be Uniformly, the tube is inserted into the tube in order to prevent it from spreading, hence the method of folding and the type of soil as well as the backfilling of the soil will be a major factor in the dynamics of the treadmill and its long-term salinity.
Bimetallic pipes are designed and built for the transfer of sewage and fluids without internal pressure. This type of polyethylene pipe is capable of bearing a very high external pressure and because of its advantage in other industries, these pipes are used. For example, polypropylene spiral pipes are widely used in bridging and road construction.
Double-sided polyethylene pipes are often ductile ducts of kerugate and spiral tubes whose production technology is only the dominant difference.

Corrugate Pipes

The Corrugate Pipes produced by Rothengaran Parse are manufactured using new materials (material) and paints (for external walls or cartite) and PE80 materials. These tubes are available in sizes of 160, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500, 600, and 800 mm in diameter. Corrugated tubes according to the standard are required to have a proper inner wall thickness so that during operation or removal of the obstruction And other parts of the pipework do not tear. The reliability of the circular pressure is also due to the control of the Rothengaran Parse Pipes.

Some Advantages of Rothengaran Parse Corrugate Pipes:

Extremely high tolerance of pressure loads due to pipe burst and traffic loads
Fit the surface inside the pipe to prevent flow passage
Good quality material due to the use of new materials
Excellent resistance to environmental conditions such as cold and heat as well as harmful UV rays