Electrofusion welding machine

  • publish date : 2019/05/15
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Electrofusion welding machine Rothengaran Parse Model EFS plus 350 with welding capability of 25 to 1600 mm fittings. Electrofusion welding machine is approved by the National Iranian Gas Company in 2014. The Rothengaran Electrofusion Welding Machine has two years warranty. Years of after-sales service.
The lightness and bilingual nature of the Rothengaran Parse Electrofusion Welding Machine is one of the features of this device in comparison with electrophygyl welding devices in the domestic and foreign markets, and storage of more than 3900 records in internal memory and the ability to increase this number by putting one The memory of the mmc inside the respective box is another feature of the PE-RT. Other features of the Rothengaran Parse Electrofusion Machine are the lack of welding in the power supply (high voltage or voltage drop).

Features of the electrofusion welding machine:

Superior fitting design – Increased fitting connectivity
Automatic control-reduce potential operator error
Computer data retrieval-quality assurance
Compatibility between electrofusion and other electrofusion systems through computerized barcode system
Easy installation – through the use of practical tools Rothenberries
The high standards are assured through the latest testing methods.
Electrofusion welding machine in implementing gas and water supply projects that are used for high accuracy of welding. Electro-fusion welding processes consist of pipe welding and jointing due to the heat generated due to the resistance of the flow with the ampereblases of the screw embedded inside the joint. Due to the automation of the process of accuracy And the welding quality and, of course, the cost to others.

applications :

Electro-fusion welding machine Rothengaran Parse for use in welding of polyethylene pipes. The transmission of water, gas and oil and gas and sewage is used with electro-fusion joints. This machine is used in oil, gas, water and sewage transmission lines, special polyethylene pipes PE100, PE80, PE63 is used with electrophysical welding method and is produced in the following sizes:

Gas supply 250 mm 25 mm
Water supply 700 mm 25 mm
Ability to connect to the printer connection to the computer
The ability to display the voltage and frequency of the input power
Flaw detection system for Farsi
The body of the aluminum machine
Weight 11 kg

Advantages of Electrofusion Tubes Rothengaran Parse:

Strong tube connection: Electrofusion quality connectors have a high fusion depth and impact, which ensures high quality materials.
More economical: The economic benefits of this system are due to the integrated integration of intelligent systems, so that the operator is likely to experience an error.
Higher performance: Has high performance in the field of industrial and industrial gas distribution.
Superior Service: Rothengaran Parse Company provides a unique service in this field, due to its years of experience in producing welding equipment.