Manual extruder for polyethylene

  • publish date : 2019/05/15
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Manual extruder for polyethylene
The machine is used in various types and sizes. The extruder welding machines of this company can be produced in two types: granular and elastic.

Product name: Granular Hand Extruder Welding Machine

Granular manual extruder, such as a wire rod, is used to make tanks and polyethylene tanks, bonding of polymer sheets and geomembranes. Low weight, adjustable output speed and digital temperature display system are among the features of this device. Unlike the wire type, the power supply is provided by the pranolles that are placed inside the hopper.
Polyethylene welding machine is a manufacturer of polyethylene extruder welding machine with polyethylene material output and wire material. The extruder welding machine has welding capabilities with wire material.

One of the welding methods in polyethylene industry is the use of extruded welding machines or workshops in various types. Granular acrylics have been found to be suitable for use by contractors in terms of weight and molten output. The only difference between this type of device and the wired model is in the way of feeding and using polyethylene granules instead of wires.

Technical Specifications of Hand-Made Rothengaran Parse Extruders

Equipped with a hot air blower (industrial towel) manufactured by the country with a power of 2000 watts
Industrial element equipped with thermocouple for setting temperature of 1200 watts
The ability to adjust the material exit speed by controlling the engine speed
The discharge rate is 4 or 5 kg per hour, depending on the diameter of the wire used
Usability of 3, 4 and 5 mm wires of polyethylene or polypropylene
Special PTF coats for different application conditions
Digital temperature display and easy control
Internal machined parts made of hot-working steel heat-treated
Full thermal and electrical insulation of consumables
Weight of the device is 8 kg

Applications and features

WELDPLAST S2 is a masterpiece of modern technology. Its outline shows its best design and performance, and its internal components are suitable for any type of material.
Even U-PVC welds without any form.
Multi-purpose display
No blower needed for repair
Handle that can be adjusted easily
Built-in structure (ergonomic) and easy operation
High quality sealant
Possibility of 360 ° rotation during welding
Double sucker without welding wire welding
This company has a polyethylene extruder welding machine for welding and sealing of polyethylene pipes and polyethylene joints.
Welding machine Extruder polyethylene Rotangaran Gamers with output of 3 kg of melted material per hour.
Extruder welding machine is used to repair and retrieve polyethylene sheets.