Polyethylene fittings

  • publish date : 2019/05/19
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Polyethylene fittings
Polyethylene fittings are divided into three categories:
Screw connections
welded joints
Electrofusion joints
Polyethylene Rothengaran parse have the following characteristics: resistance to chemical agents, corrosion and seismic damage caused by the earthquake, pressure loss, and pressure loss. High flexibility and very low cost of installation. The speed required for the internal and external walls to be smooth and free of defects. The pressure is due to the internal leveling of heavy machinery during the implementation of polyethylene pipes.

Polyethylene connectors:
Polyethylene screw couplings have a capacity of 10 bar in compressed air systems. Polyethylene fittings are made from polypropylene PP. Polyethylene joints have the following components: connecting hinge, sealing, bushing flange, holder and connector.

The joints of the project are very easy to operate and this type of fittings can be used several times. These fittings have been used after several installments. For the purpose of splitting the splices of different ramitvan joints: three simple ways, three gears, knees, male connectors, connector belt material ,Intersection .

welded joints:
The Rothengaran Group manufactures handmade fusing joints with the latest in vitro technology.

Polyethylene welded joints are exposed at atmospheric pressure of 4,6,10,16. Polyethylene welded joints with PE100 materials are delivered according to the requirements.