Polyethylene manholes

  • publish date : 2019/02/14
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Polyethylene manholes
Manholes are made of concrete, bricks, polyethylene, plastics and composite materials that will be used differently, as well as covers made of polyethylene, steel, cast iron and composite.
Polyethylene manholes have a lower cost and lower costs than other types of features and features. They are easier to install, they do not require heavy machinery, they can be used in a variety of environments, including high humidity environments, and their resizing is easily possible and longer life span, against different pressures, abrasion, microorganisms Rodents are resistant and can be recyclable. Polyethylene manhole, which connects underground facilities (such as sewage networks for telecommunication cables of industrial and domestic sewage systems, etc.), allows access to this facility for any kind of work. This pit should be as large as Large enough to allow the movement of a human being. The most important use of manholes is the creation of access stations to various points of collection and sewage networks, which allows for the inspection of natural ventilation lines, as well as the maintenance and maintenance of sewage lines. Provides.

The most popular type of manhole is polyethylene manholes that are used in applications such as:
Sewage transfer
Collection and transfer of surface water from contaminated areas
Use in chemical units
Repair and repair of worn manholes
Protective valves
– Easy access to underground cable lines in telecommunication systems

Rothengaran Parse produces polyethylene polyethylene manholes up to a height of 9 meters. Polyethylene manhole Reservoir Fabricated from polyethylene for polyethylene sewage in 1,000 and 1200 square meters and at the height of 1-1,5-2-2,5-3-3,5-4-4,5-5-5. 5 (m) … Production These manholes have walkable stairs that can be easily deployed for dredging. These manholes are also used to install the gates inside it.
Polyethylene manholes

Manhole installation

Installation of manholes and placement of manholes in the pothole are one of the most important and simplest parts of the manhole of the sewage. Due to the properties of the polyethylene manhole, this is a very simple task, but it should be carefully placed that the manhole is in the right place. The method of manhole drainage with other types The manhole is not the same, but because of the greatest use of manholes in the sewers and sewage networks and the collection of surface water, more is referred to as the method of manhole manure implementation, and the installation of polyethylene manhole is the same in all applications.

Advantages and application of manhole

The ability to unify sewage of several apartment units in an outlet path
Use of small manholes in household sewage
Quick installation
Less cost due to less connections
The possibility of a periodic visit by a gate and a manhole door
Collect surface water