Polyethylene welding machine cnc

  • publish date : 2019/05/15
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Polyethylene welding machine cnc
This machine, which was completely designed and manufactured by the Iranian specialists of Rothengaran Parse, is capable of welding automatically and step-by-step without the slightest error. In this model, the polyethylene welding machine moves all the jaws automatically and, according to the program, gives the machine all the steps of welding with high precision.

Features of polyethylene welding machine

The CNC polyethylene tube welding machine provides a fully automatic welding feature.

The memory of this machine contains all the information regarding the duration of the welding time, cooling time, and the return of the hydraulic jaw and … stored.

So when the operator is ready for the pipe and defines it for the device, the welding machine performs the necessary settings automatically.

The CNC welding machine is also featured with the ability to report work and print information.

Compared to conventional machine tools, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) replaces operator manual work. In a typical machining process, by guiding the winning tool throughout the workpiece by a trolley, the workpiece is torn off, which is controlled by the operator. In other words, the cutting of the object’s scope is done by a skilled operator by eye control. However, in the CNC machine, all necessary operations are included in a program that can achieve the required minimum requirements for subsequent inversions.

In this system, all the controller commands, such as route information and commands, are poured into numerical codes. The computer identifies and processes these codes and then sends them to the car. The computer can convert a set of commands into machine-readable commands within seconds. In very short time cycles, the control system reports from the performance results (feedbacks) and, after comparing with the regulatory values, makes the necessary corrections. The above information can be stored in the memory of the machine or on the external storage (discs)

Applications of polyethylene welding machine

CNC polyethylene welding machine is used for petrochemical petroleum projects in urban and industrial water treatment systems.

Advantages of CNC applications:

The ability to process complex components (flexibility)
High accuracy
No need for experienced machinist
Less risk for the operator
High speed machining and consequently reducing production time
waste reduction
Reduce the possibility of human error
Reduce the cost of constructing a Web site
Reduce the initial setup time of the car
Reduce measurement time and control
Significant increase in production efficiency

Specifications and features of the polyethylene welding machine

The box is equipped with an innovative and compact plastic cover, which is very resistant to working conditions. Special attention has also been paid to the connection of this device. In addition, there is a software and control panel on this device that is very simple to work with and displays the most commonly used standards such as (ISO, GIS, DVS and others). The control panel is based on international standards to store reliable and error-free parameters, and data transfer via the USB interface.

Just define the pipe operator for the device, ie define the standard type and pipe diameter (SDR) for the machine, all of the welding parameters, such as pressure, time, temperature, are calculated based on the standard. If your selected welding cycle is not included in the list of high standards, you can manually enter the welding parameters (diameter, type of material, welding time and pressure) and choose the out of standard model out of the standard. In both cases, The machine is capable of automatically managing all welding processes, including grinding and hotting.

At the end of the welding, the machine is able to store all information in its internal memory (up to 4,000 memory). The serial ports enable the welder to connect the device to a portable printer or to a personal computer, and to immediately start a report. The box comes equipped with a USB port for reporting in PDF format and upgrading the operating system.

The full configuration includes the following:

A linear transducer sticking to the body of the device.
A manual heat element that can be removed or an automatic thermal element that can be detached.
Hydraulic hoses with non-couplings for connecting the device box to the device body.
A converter cable for connecting the box to the device body.
Milling and heater plate reinforcement.