pvc pipe

  • publish date : 2019/05/19
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pvc pipe
Rothengaran Parse is capable of producing 200 to 1000 mm pvc pipes.

Rothengaran Parse produces a PVC pipe at 4-6-10 atmospheres at atmospheric pressure of 6, 12 and up to 1000 mm. Pvc pipe are produced at 6 and 12 meters.

Advantages of PVC pipe are as follows:

Resistance to corrosion:
PVC pipes are flawed by electrical current and are resistant to electrochemical reactions caused by acids, bases and salts that lead to corrosion in metals. This property exists at the internal and external levels of the upvc pipe. As a result, the use The PVC is especially useful in applications where there is an aggressive soil.
High chemical resistance:
pvc is resistant to many non-aromatic alcohols, oils, and oil. It is also resistant to most corrosive substances such as inorganic acids, salts and salts. For commonly used water supplies, U-PVC pipes are completely resistant to chemicals in the soil and water. The chemical resistance issue only occurs when abnormal atmospheres exist and vials are used to transfer chemical materials.

Application of PVC Pipe

Sewage (urban without pressure and pressure, sewage in the building)
Agriculture (under pressure, irrigation without pressure and drainage, well wall)
Transmission of electrical and telecommunication cables
Rainwater transfer
Air conditioning (air vent)