quality control

  • publish date : 2018/12/23
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polyethylene pipe quality control;

rothengaran parse company produced types of pipes and fittings with a quality control laboratory is equiped with advanced equipment and to carry out detailed tests on their products by domestic and foreign standards has been able to provide high quality products to market tests carried out according to standard is DIN 16961-ISIR 9116-EN13476-ISIR 18781.

the company performed the test are as follows dansyteh based on the standard isir 7175-5 polyethylene physical properties can be predicted base on density a good approximation.

for this purpose, in the company of this test procedure is done on row materials and products melt flow index standard isir 6980,the test method for measuring mass flow rates of molten plastic matrial under specified conditions of temperature and interms of per ten minutes.