Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipes

  • publish date : 2019/02/13
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Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipes
Steel reinforced polyethylene armed spiral Corrugate Pipe is a logical solution among all types of pipes. It is a technology in which the plastic composite structure is used instead of the use of plastic only for the production of pipes for the use of surface water sewage and drainage. This new composite structure offers benefits such as high annular resistance, lower price and production capability in large diameters. Structural armed spiral polyethylene arcuate polyurethane shells have the advantages of high annular resistance compared to traditional polyethylene pipes. Strips reinforced with steel in the pipe structure prevent the gradual deformation of the pipe. Five-layer polyethylene pipe is double-reinforced with non-reinforced polyethylene tube and is more resistant to temperature and sunlight. The compressed silicon carbide plug is used as a sealant for use with corrosive soil and abrasive currents. These pipes are produced in standard shafts of 6, 9 and 12 meters. The reinforced polyethylene box in long and simple bonding branches greatly reduces costs.

Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipes Rothengaran Parse

Currently, the Rothengaran Group is capable of producing five-layer, armed, spur gears of 600 mm-800mm-1000mm-1200mm-1400mm-1600mm-1800mm-2000mm-2200mm-2400mm according to ISIR 18781 ISIR and complies with the ASTM F2435 International Standard Make Polyethylene fittings (three-way-knee-cross-link-connecting choppers) are also available to customers.