Welded Sewage Polyethylene Machine

  • publish date : 2019/05/18
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Welded Sewage Polyethylene Machine
Sewage Polyethylene Welding Plant for Wastewater Plumbing of Households and Industrial Installations of this machine is issued in accordance with the latest production standards and to the neighboring countries and the Middle East. Rothengaran Parse Sewage Sewage Plant for Industrial Wastewater Plumbing – This machine is manufactured according to the latest developed standards and is shipped to neighboring and middle countries. This machine is capable of welding the polyethylene pipes at pressures of 4-6 and 10 The atmosphere has.

Wastewater Welding Machine Model DF50-R160

Sewage Welding Machine is used for sewage pipe and sewage connections in domestic facilities, also used for sewage piping of houses and industrial facilities. The capability of welding tubes and fittings of sizes of 160-125-110-90-75-63-50 mm and at pressures of 4-6-10 and 16 atmospheres has a weight of 57 kg.


Holders for different sizes of iron
2500 Watts with industrial teflon and degrees of temperature adjustment from 0 to 300 degrees Celsius
Gravel with a 750 W drill and a stainless steel blade made of SPK
Tube retainers that are fitted at the beginning and end of the device
Welding table embedded on the machine
Protective case for carrying the device